TIPS Certification

If you will sell or serve alcohol, it is crucial you get certified in proper alcohol training. Since there are numerous rules and regulations concerning age requirements for whom alcohol can be served to in a restaurant or other establishment, knowing how to properly perform your job will save you many unnecessary headaches along the way. By completing a TIPS Certification course, you’ll be able to have complete confidence while on the job.

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How Do I Get Started?

To get started gaining your TIPS bartender certification, you’ll simply choose which course is best for you and your employment situation from the various options. After doing so, you’ll be able to complete your TIPS certification online at your own pace from home, work, or wherever you might be at the time. Upon doing so and passing the TIPS exam, you’ll receive your certification by mail within 10 business days.

What is TIPS Certification?

This training course, which can be completed online within 2-3 hours, focuses on various issues specifically related to serving alcohol at restaurants, hotels, bars, and other establishments, which can also include private parties and on-premise liquor license holders where alcohol is served by the drink. Valid for three years upon completion, the course covers such topics as how to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving among those to whom alcohol is sold or served.

Who Needs to be TIPS Certified?

As for who needs TIPS alcohol certification, this includes anyone who serves alcohol in an establishment that holds a liquor license. Common occupations requiring TIPS alcohol certification include bartenders, servers, managers, and hosts or hostesses.

Why Should I Gain TIPS Certification?

Since TIPS is recognized around the world as the leader in education and training for those who sell and serve alcohol, gaining this certification ensures you will have the knowledge and skills required to do your job in the best possible manner. Due to its skills-based training format, you will be able to work well in a variety of environments. Thus, it not only makes you a desirable job candidate, but also helps with creating a safe work environment, providing legal protection, and helping you avoid mistakes that can lead to penalties and fines linked to illegal alcohol sales.

Which TIPS Certification Course Should I Choose?

When choosing a certification course, it will largely come down to the type of job you have or aspire to have later on. Since there are four different TIPS alcohol certification courses from which to choose, always make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs. To make sure any questions you have are answered, here are basic descriptions of all four courses and the differences between each.

TIPS for On-Premise

If you are seeking TIPS bartender certification, the TIPS for On-Premise course is probably the course for you. The most popular course offering, the On-Premise course is a five-hour course that covers essential topics related to the sale and serving of alcohol in bars, hotels, and other places. If you are currently working as a server in these or other related settings or plan to do so in the near future, the TIPS On-Premise course is highly recommended.



TIPS for Off-Premise

If you are currently working in a grocery store, liquor store, gas station, or convenience store and are in need of TIPS certification online, the TIPS for Off-Premise course should be the course you complete. A three-hour program that covers all the essential elements associated with selling alcohol in these businesses, the Off-Premise course will help make sure you don’t mistakenly sell alcohol to underage or intoxicated customers.



TIPS for Gaming

If you want to work in a casino or perhaps on a riverboat where gambling takes place, it is vital you complete the TIPS for Gaming online course. Like the On-Premise course, this can also be completed in five hours. Focused on various issues that may arise with guests who are being served complimentary cocktails while participating in various gaming activities, it also trains you in how to deal with guests who may be staying on-site at the property.



TIPS for Concessions

Finally, if you are working in such venues as stadiums, arenas, theaters, or perhaps at amusement parks, fairs, or concerts and festivals, completing the three-hour TIPS for Concessions online course will give you the training needed to handle various situations involving alcohol at these sites and events.



By completing whichever TIPS certification courses you may need, both you and your employer will not only meet state and local training requirements, but also ensure no violations of rules and regulations pertaining to the sale and serving of alcohol take place. In doing so, you gain peace of mind on the job, knowing you have the knowledge and skills needed to deal with various situations.