Virginia TIPS Certification

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Virginia TIPS Certification Training Program

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
TIPS Virginia On-Premise Alcohol Server Training (STAP) + Food Handler 5 $48.00 Enroll
TIPS Virginia On-Premise Alcohol Server Training (STAP) 3 $40.00 Enroll
TIPS Virginia Off-Premise Alcohol Seller Training (STAP) 3 $40.00 Enroll
TIPS Replacement Card $20.00 Enroll

Learn2Serve Tobacco & Alcohol Seller Server Training

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Virginia Seller/Server + Food Handler Training 5 $20.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Virginia Seller/Server Training 3 $12.99 Enroll
Tobacco Seller 2 $9.95 Enroll
ID Checkpoint 1 FREE Enroll

Learn2Serve Food Handler & Food Safety Manager Certification

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles Training + Food Manager Exam 10 $121.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam with Online Proctor 1.5 $69.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles 8 $65.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles (Spanish) 8 $65.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Handler Training Course (ANSI Accredited) 2 $8.99 Enroll
Curso de Capacitación para Personas que Manipulan Alimentos (Acreditado por ANSI) 2 $8.99 Enroll
Food Safety HACCP for Retail Food Establishments (16 Hour) 16 $125.00 Enroll

Benefits of Obtaining Virginia TIPS Certification

Not only will you master abilities for handling scenarios, you’ll progress at your task and consequently be a more appealing prospect. And Also TIPS supplies you protections:

  • The insurance coverage market rebates liquor liability costs as much as 25% for TIPS-certified clients.
  • Court of laws recognize TIPS as the standard for server training programs.
  • Liquor boards alleviate fines and also fines for violators who include TIPS training at their establishments.
  • As well as hotels, restaurants, as well as bars all over the country realize the benefits of a lot more qualified wait staff and more completely satisfied customers.

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulates the selling, serving, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Training is not compulsory and serves as a standard for best practices.

Please visit for regulatory information and requirements.