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Why choose BeverageTraining.com?

For those employed in the food service industry, one of the most important aspects involves continuous training. Not only does this allow employees on all levels to stay up-to-date on the latest industry techniques and requirements, but it is also mandatory for employment in numerous food service occupations. At BeverageTraining.com we realize not only the importance of obtaining various types of training, but doing so in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Since the right training can make all the difference in not only an employee’s career but also the future of the business with which they are employed, it’s vital to select the best provider of training for today’s foodservice careers. Whether it’s training for servers working in establishments that sell alcohol, food handlers, or management personnel, more and more businesses select BeverageTraining.com for their employees.

Relying on a user-friendly multimedia platform that is very interactive, BeverageTraining.com is the preferred choice of foodservice businesses across the nation. Whether it is restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, nightclubs, hotels, or other establishments, our course content and tutorials make it easier than ever to obtain the training you need. Offering certified training applicable to all states across the nation, BeverageTraining.com sets the stage for your future and continued success within the food service and related industries.

Responsible Beverage Service Training

When it comes to serving beverages to customers, having the latest training is crucial to success. Not only will it ensure improved customer service, but it will also prevent many situations that could put employees and the business itself at risk of liability. This is especially important for employees who will be in positions where they will be serving or selling alcohol to customers, which can include convenience store clerks, restaurant servers, bartenders, and others. Due to the importance of this training, employers want training courses for their employees that not only meet state requirements but also are easy to access and complete. By choosing BeverageTraining.com, they get this and much more.

From an OLCC permit for alcohol servers in Oregon to an Arizona bartender license for employees in hotels, bars, or nightclubs, this and other training can be found at BeverageTraining.com. By simply selecting your state, it is possible to obtain the training needed for your job in only a matter of hours. Covering course content that is approved by state regulators, those seeking BASSET certification or perhaps a Utah permit can do so via 100% online training courses.

For those seeking on-premises courses, we offer these as well. One of our most popular courses is the TABC certification for Texas, which is very convenient for servers and bartenders within the Lone Star State. By signing up for this course, it is easy to get the best online training for these occupations, ensuring that once TABC certification is obtained, bartenders and servers in Texas establishments will know exactly how to perform their jobs and handle potentially difficult situations.

As for food service employees in other states such as Wisconsin and California, we at BeverageTraining.com offer training courses for them as well. These include Wisconsin RBS and California RBS training courses, both of which can be signed up for and completed online. Best of all, once you enroll in Wisconsin RBS or California RBS training courses, you can have instant access to your courses from any location, ensuring training can be completed whenever and wherever you want.

Since laws are constantly changing in states across the nation, working with BeverageTraining.com to obtain an OLCC permit or Arizona bartender license will always keep employees up-to-date on the latest requirements expected of them in the course of their duties. With our 24/7 online support and online certification available upon completion, obtaining BASSET certification, a Utah permit, or other certifications is not only affordable and convenient but also quick and informative.

Food Handler Training

If there is one topic that is always quick to make headlines in today’s world, it is when various food-related diseases lead to illnesses around the country. Due to the seriousness of such illnesses as E. coli and salmonella, it is vital those involved in food handler positions be trained in all aspects of food safety and preparation. To best accomplish this, businesses and their employees turn to BeverageTraining.com to obtain a food handlers certificate. Like other courses such as those needed to obtain a food handlers cards Oregon or food handlers card California, these too are self-paced and make excellent use of interactive media, allowing you to complete the courses at your convenience.

Whether it is in a restaurant or non-restaurant facility, BeverageTraining.com can provide employees with the training necessary to obtain a food handlers license or food safety certificate. For example, those seeking certification as a Texas food handler can expect to learn about a variety of topics on their way to obtaining a food handler certificate. Some of the most important areas include Personal Hygiene, Time and Temperature requirements, Cleaning and Sanitation procedures, and Basic Food Safety. Whether it is a cook in a school cafeteria, a deli clerk in a convenience store, or workers in a popular fast-food restaurant, these and other topics will be vital to performing their duties in a safe manner.

To meet regulations in most states, all owners or operators of food establishments are required to make sure there is always at least one employee on duty who has a food handlers license that is current and certified by that state. In these situations, the person must be acting in a supervisory capacity in any setting where food is being packaged, processed, prepared, served, or stored. Thus, when seeking Texas food handler certification or perhaps a food handlers card California or food handlers cards Oregon, this training will allow a food establishment to have improved food safety at all levels, reduce the risks of unnecessary food illnesses occurring, and lessen the chances an incident will happen resulting in legal consequences. If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of obtaining your food safety certificate online, visit BeverageTraining.com today.

Food Protection Manager Certificate

Fully accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute), the Food Protection Manager Certification course offered by BeverageTraining.com is considered by many to be the best in the food service industry. Offering the most recent training in all facets of food safety and sanitation, the food protection course lets managers acquire key knowledge in various areas, including protection of consumer health, helping their business maintain high standards of safety and customer service, and assisting employees with learning and implementing the latest food safety techniques.
Ultimately, those who complete their food manager certification through BeverageTraining.com will be able to adopt a food safety “way of life” while on the job. By laying a very strong foundation for current and future growth within the food service industry, the food safety certification will foster professional development as employees learn about such areas as pest control, food preparation and storage, food temperature controls, food handling, and much more.

As for who are the best candidates for the food protection manager certification, there are many careers within food service that will benefit from the food protection course offered by BeverageTraining.com. First and foremost, this includes all food service managers who are responsible for being in charge of food and beverage service staff in many different settings. As businesses continue to gain more and more staff members who possess food safety certification, the result is an improvement in regulating all areas of food safety and sanitation. Once this begins to occur, other positive results follow, such as fewer incidents and illnesses related to contaminated food. Eventually, this helps the bottom line of the business, since an excellent reputation for safety and service leads to more and more customers coming in the front door.

Since the food manager certification is so easy to obtain through BeverageTraining.com, a variety of food service professionals use our site to sign up for their particular courses. These include Chefs as well as Food Service Managers, Supervisors, and Instructors, all of whom are responsible for many aspects of food safety and sanitation in their jobs on a daily basis.

Our Pass Guarantee

While there are many reasons to sign up for the many different online courses offered by BeverageTraining.com, one of the most popular with many individuals is our pass guarantee. After all, if there is one thing that puts fear into the hearts of most people, it is the thought of failing a test or exam. However, by signing up for our courses here at BeverageTraining.com, passing your exam is guaranteed. By this, we mean that even if you encounter difficulties with a particular course initially, you can take the course as many times as needed until you pass the exam, all at no extra expense to you or your employer. With this guarantee, you’ll have no reason to worry about simply trying to memorize facts long enough to pass the exam. Instead, you can focus on the various topics in your course and how they relate to your current and future career goals. In doing so, you can relax and concentrate on the task at hand, knowing failure is not an option.

Whether you are needing to study your course at home after the kids have gone to bed or school, on your lunch break at work, or even if you are sitting on a park bench enjoying a beautiful day with family or friends, BeverageTraining.com makes this possible with our easy and convenient online courses. By signing up today, you’ll be taking the first step toward not only being a better employee but also setting the stage for future growth within the food service industry. Whether you hope to one day become a Chef, manage a grocery or convenience store, or perhaps own a bar or nightclub, our courses here at BeverageTraining.com will help you realize your career goals. Rather than hesitate and worry about getting the certifications you need for your job, visit BeverageTraining.com, sign up for the courses you need, and continue your career development