Underground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank is any one or combination of tanks that is used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances and the volume of which is 10% or more beneath the surface of the ground as defined by federal law. Underground Storage Tanks are managed to avoid the release of petroleum and contamination of groundwater. This course ensures that UST operators have the required knowledge for safe and appropriate operations of underground storage tank systems.

What is the right course for me?

Class A UST Operator Class A UST Operators have the primary responsibility to operate and maintain a UST system, usually maintained by the owner or operator of the UST system. Their main aim is to meet regulatory standards and requirements and ensure appropriate training of individuals to properly maintain and operate a UST system, maintain records and respond promptly with emergencies such as leaks or spills.

Class B UST Operator Class B UST Operators have the responsibility for the day-to-day operations, recordkeeping, and administering of applicable standards at a facility. Class B operators should thoroughly understand the operations and maintenance aspects of the tank systems.

Class C UST Operator Class C UST Operators must be on duty daily to attend to any emergencies that may occur due to spillage or release. They are usually an employee that monitors the sale of the product.

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