Learn2Serve Illinois BASSET Certification Training

Learn2Serve Illinois Online BASSET License Certification

Are you looking for a career in the beverage industry? Learn2Serve Illinois online BASSET license certification training is an excellent opportunity. This course will help educate seller servers about alcoholic beverages, their duties, and responsibilities as well as keep drunk drivers off our roads!

Register to take our approved Illinois BASSET License Training today and obtain a BASSET certification in three simple steps:

  • Register for your BASSET license course
  • Complete our self-paced training to be BASSET Certified
  • Print your online BASSET Illinois Certification of completion

Illinois TIPS Certification Training Program

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
TIPS lllinois BASSET On-Premise Alcohol Server Training + Food Handler 5 $42.99 Enroll
TIPS Illinois BASSET On-Premise Alcohol Server Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Illinois BASSET Off-Premise Alcohol Seller Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Replacement Card $20.00 Enroll

Learn2Serve Tobacco & Alcohol Seller Server Training

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Learn2Serve Illinois BASSET Certification + Food Handler Training Certificate Program 6 $22.99 Enroll
Illinois BASSET Alcohol Seller-Server 4 $14.99 Enroll
Tobacco Seller 2 $9.95 Enroll
ID Checkpoint 1 $0.00 Enroll

Learn2Serve Food Handler & Food Safety Manager Certification

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Illinois BASSET + Food Manager Certification 14 $113.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles Training + Food Manager Exam 10 $121.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam with Online Proctor 1.5 $69.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles 8 $65.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles (Spanish) 8 $65.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Handler Training Course (ANAB Accredited) 2 $9.99 Enroll
Curso de Capacitación para Personas que Manipulan Alimentos (Acreditado por ANSI) 2 $9.99 Enroll
Food Safety HACCP for Retail Food Establishments (16 Hour) 16 $125.00 Enroll

Who Should Be BASSET Certified?

The on-premises Basset training is for employees selling and serving alcoholic beverages in Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Breweries, and Events. The off-premises Bassett certification is suitable for individuals employed at Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, and Liquor Shops. Our self-paced course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. A certification with 3-year validity is available to print at the end of your course!

Who should enroll in the online BASSET license certification course?

Those who should enroll in the online BASSET license certification course include individuals working in the hospitality industry, particularly those involved in the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. This may encompass bartenders, servers, managers, and other personnel in establishments where alcohol is served. Additionally, anyone seeking to comply with state regulations and enhance their understanding of responsible alcohol service can benefit from BASSET certification.

Our online BASSET license course has received statewide approval in Illinois

Many businesses choose to proactively enroll their staff in this certification program to impart essential skills for preventing alcohol-related misconduct. Completion of BASSET license training can result in potential reductions in establishments’ liquor liability insurance. Furthermore, holding this certification enhances one’s professional profile, significantly increasing the likelihood of securing employment.

What is a BASSET Card?

The BASSET card serves as official validation of your successful completion of an Illinois-approved alcohol server training program, such as Learn2Serve BASSET and Illinois TIPS Certification by 360training.

What is BASSET and what does it stand for?

BASSET stands for Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training. It is a program designed to provide alcohol sellers and servers in Illinois with the necessary knowledge and skills to responsibly serve and sell alcoholic beverages, ensuring the well-being and safety of both customers and the community. The BASSET certification is often required for individuals working in establishments that serve alcohol in the state of Illinois.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Why should I become BASSET Certified?

Becoming BASSET certified offers several benefits, including:

  1. Legal Requirement: In many jurisdictions, including Illinois, BASSET certification is a legal requirement for individuals involved in selling or serving alcoholic beverages.
  2. Risk Reduction: BASSET training equips you with the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent situations involving alcohol-related misconduct, reducing the risk of legal and safety issues.
  3. Employment Opportunities: Many employers in the hospitality industry prefer or require BASSET certification, giving you a competitive edge in job applications.
  4. Insurance Benefits: Completing BASSET training may lead to reduced liquor liability insurance costs for businesses, making you a valuable asset to employers.
  5. Professional Development: BASSET certification demonstrates your commitment to responsible alcohol service, contributing to your professional development and enhancing your reputation in the industry.

By becoming BASSET certified, you not only comply with legal requirements but also contribute to a safer and more responsible alcohol service environment.

If you are involved in selling or serving alcohol, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) mandates the completion of a BASSET training course. This requirement is crucial for individuals to gain insights into their legal obligations, providing protection against potential liabilities. In Illinois, establishments are subject to the enforcement of the Dram Shop Act, which imposes stringent penalties for non-compliance. Minor offenses can lead to fines of up to $2,500 and a jail term of one year, while felony charges carry even more severe sentences. BASSET training is a proactive measure to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risks associated with alcohol service.

Illinois Food Handlers Certificate

In the state of Illinois, food handler training is obligatory for individuals employed in food establishments, with the specific requirements varying depending on the type of establishment. Typically, employees are expected to undergo training within 30 days of their hire date, and periodic renewal of this training may be mandated every three years.

Mandatory online BASSET license certification for all Illinois counties

The BASSET Certification is now mandatory for all counties listed below.

Adams County Cumberland County Hardin County Lee County Morgan County Shelby County
Alexander County De Witt County Henderson County Livingston County Moultrie County St. Clair County
Bond County DeKalb County Henry County Logan County Ogle County Stark County
Boone County Douglas County Iroquois County Macon County Peoria County Stephenson County
Brown County DuPage County Jackson County Macoupin County Perry County Tazewell County
Bureau County Edgar County Jasper County Madison County Piatt County Union County
Calhoun County Edwards County Jefferson County Marion County Pike County Vermilion County
Carroll County Effingham County Jersey County Marshall County Pope County Wabash County
Cass County Fayette County Jo Daviess County Mason County Pulaski County Warren County
Champaign County Ford County Johnson County Massac County Putnam County Washington County
Christian County Franklin County Kane County McDonough County Randolph County Wayne County
Clark County Fulton County Kankakee County McHenry County Richland County White County
Clay County Gallatin County Kendall County McLean County Rock Island County Whiteside County
Clinton County Greene County Knox County Menard County Saline County Will County
Coles County Grundy County Lake County Mercer County Sangamon County Williamson County
Cook County Hamilton County LaSalle County Monroe County Schuyler County Winnebago County
Crawford County Hancock County Lawrence County Montgomery County Scott County Woodford County

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