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Oregon Service Permit

When selling and serving alcohol, businesses have a tremendous responsibility to make sure all goes well. Not only does this involve making sure no person underage is allowed to be served or to purchase alcohol, but also that all local and state regulations be followed in a correct manner. In Oregon, the state’s Liquor Control Commission is responsible for regulating the selling, serving, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Thus, if you are employed in a bar, restaurant, or perhaps in a convenience store or gas station, it is important to obtain an OLCC server permit.

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Follow the 5 simple steps below to obtain your OLCC Card:

  • Register for your online Oregon Service Permit training
  • Complete the self-paced course at your convenience
  • Download the Certificate of Completion
  • Upload it to your account on the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal
  • Complete your Exam

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) regulates the selling, serving, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. You will need to pass the final exam with a score of at least 70% to apply for your OLCC Service Permit. Please note that you must submit the application for your OLCC card within 45 days from the completion of this course.

OLCC Service Permit Exam Registration

The exam is only validated through the Official OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal. After completing the course, you will need to download the “Proof of Class Completion” PDF document with your name and completion number. Upload the PDF Certification of Completion to your account on the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal to take your exam. You have UNLIMITED attempts and will need to score 70% to pass.

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Course Description

The Oregon Service Permit course is designed to educate sellers and servers to understand and identify the rules and regulations in selling and consuming alcoholic beverages responsibly in the state of Oregon. The objective of this training is to promote legal and preventive measures for alcohol seller and servers in order to eliminate possible liabilities, ensure the safety of customers and the public, promote the legal and responsible sale of alcohol and consumption, prevent underage drinking and recognize the signs of an intoxicated customer.

The Oregon Service Permit training is for employees selling and serving alcoholic beverages in Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Breweries, and Events. The OLCC Server Permit course is also suitable for individuals employed at Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, and Liquor Shops.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand alcohol use and define the effects of alcohol
  • Check IDs and recognize clues for spotting fake IDs
  • Understand the server’s responsibilities and obligations under the law
  • Know the role you can play to enhance public safety
  • Know how to make a “good faith effort” to remove a drink from a visibly intoxicated person
  • Learn the meaning of BAC and how it is calculated
  • Know the effects of mixing alcohol with other drugs
  • Be able to recognize an intoxicated individual
  • Learn the technique to be able to refuse a sale with little or no conflict
  • Learn to deal with difficult situations
  • How to prevent disturbances and avoid conflicts in the establishment
  • Recognize second-party sales

To learn more about the OLCC permit and how you can complete the training for it online, here are some important details you should remember.

Who Needs The Oregon Server Permit?

As stated earlier, people in a wide variety of jobs should obtain the OLCC license. These include servers, bartenders, supervisory personnel, and others in restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, breweries, and even special events. In addition, it is also advisable those working in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and liquor stores also obtain an OLCC permit.

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Why is this Training Important?

Since a person who is intoxicated can potentially put their life as well as those of others at risk through drunk driving or other irresponsible acts, this training serves many important functions. For example, it not only educates sellers and servers on the rules and responsibilities involving alcohol in Oregon, but it also can play a vital role in helping eliminate potential liabilities for businesses and their employees. Unfortunately, it only takes one time of selling alcohol to a minor or continuing to serve an intoxicated customer in a bar to result in a tragic situation. Rather than let this occur, it is always best to complete training for the OLCC server permit.

What Will be Learned Upon Completing the Course?

Upon completing the course to obtain an OLCC license, employees will have learned many useful skills. For example, those working in convenience stores or liquor stores will have the ability to recognize second-party sales, as well as how to properly check IDs and what to look for in spotting fake IDs. Along with this, servers and bartenders will learn how to recognize intoxicated individuals, how to make a “good faith” effort to remove a drink from a person or refuse to continue serving them, and how to deal with difficult decisions with little or no conflict.

Benefits of Taking Online OLCC Oregon Service Permit Course

Since the course for the OLCC server permit can be completed online, it is a very convenient option for those with professional and personal responsibilities. Able to be worked around any type of work schedule, the online course allows you to carefully learn all aspects of the OLCC license and how they will apply to your particular job situation.

Along with this, you will have unlimited attempts to pass the test to obtain the OLCC permit, which will help relieve the pressure of feeling as if you have to know everything at once. Finally, you will be required to have a passing score of only 70 percent to gain your OLCC server permit. However, since so many aspects of this permit are crucial to performing your job in a careful and professional manner, you will be able to take all the time you need to learn everything in great detail.

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Please visit Oregon Liquor Control Commission for regulatory information and application requirements for your Service Permit.
Oregon Liquor Control Commission
9079 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd
PO Box 22297
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Phone: 503-872-5025
Website: http://www.oregon.gov/OLCC/


What is the OLCC Permit?

The permit is for employees who sell and serve alcoholic beverages in a variety of settings such as restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and convenience stores. It familiarizes employees with the rules and regulations involved in selling and consuming alcoholic beverages within the state of Oregon.

Where Can I Take the OLCC Oregon Training?

You can take the OLCC Training online and at your own convenience. Once you have completed the online course, you will need to download and submit your “Certification of Completion” document to the OLCC Alcohol Server Permit Portal to take the exam.

How long is the OLCC License Valid?

The OLCC license is valid for five years.

What Do I Need to Do to Get My OLCC Server Permit?

To get your OLCC Server Permit, simply complete the online training and pass the exam with a score of at least 70 percent. Once you have done so, you can then submit your application for the OLCC permit to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission within 45 days upon completion of the course.

What is the Oregon Liquor License?

The Oregon Liquor License is issued by the state of Oregon and is required if you or your business sells, manufactures, imports, or distributes alcohol within the state of Oregon. The two categories of liquor licenses are annual and temporary/special events. Annual licenses are needed for individuals or companies who deal in alcohol on an ongoing basis, while a temporary/special event license is needed for a one-time occasion.

How long Does it Take to Get My OLCC Card?

Once you complete the online OLCC training, you will be prompted to download the online certificate of completion. Login to the Alcohol Service Permit and Server Education Self Service site and submit a copy of the proof of class completion to register for your online exam. Upon completion of the exam, you will be able to print your temporary official permit. For most people who complete the course and pass the exam, the OLCC card is processed and received within a month.

How Do I Renew My OLCC Permit?

To renew your OLCC permit, you will need to create an account in the Alcohol Server Permit Portal. While your permit will be valid for five years, you will be able to apply for renewal six months prior to its expiration date. Due to a separate renewal class no longer being offered, you will need to take an approved Alcohol Server Education class either in-person or online.

Do I Need to Take the Oregon OLCC Training?

If you are an employee who sells or serves alcoholic beverages in gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, breweries, nightclubs, or at special events, you will need to take the Oregon OLCC training.

How Do I Obtain the Oregon Alcohol Server Permit?

To obtain the Oregon Alcohol Server Permit, you will need to first complete an application using the OLCC Portal. Once this is done, you will then take an in-person or online class, then return to the OLCC web portal to take the exam. Upon completing the exam with a score of at least 70 percent, you can obtain your Oregon Alcohol Server Permit.

How long is the OLCC Server Permit Training?

Since the online training is self-paced, you can take the course in as little as 3 hours in one sitting or complete the training at your own time and convenience. Once the course is completed, you will need to register for the online exam to receive your OLCC card.