HACCP Food Safety Training

HACCP Food Safety Training Online – HACCP Certification

HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a systematic preventive approach to food safety. It is essential to have a food safety system in place in every operation serving or selling foods. This certification is specially designed to meet the regulatory requirements to guarantee that the food being served is of high quality.

The HACCP system can be applied at any stage of a food chain from production to preparation processes which include: preparation, packaging and distribution. HACCP comprises of 7 principles that are the foundation of most food quality and safety assurance systems. It is recognized to be an international standard for safe food production and the application of its principles is well-known in the developed world.

HACCP Food Safety Training is required at all stages of the production of an item. Anyone that comes into contact with the development, processing and distribution of an item must apply its principles. There are many advantages of applying the HACCP system. It is effective in the prevention of any incidents that may occur and for the protection from possible negative publicity to manufacturers.

A HACCP Certification is a preventive action and its success depends on how well employees have been educated and trained. It has extended out in to all the different domains of the food industry, from its conception to its conclusion.

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