ServSafe Alcohol Certification vs 360 Training Learn2Serve

What is ServSafe Alcohol Certification?

ServSafe Alcohol Certification is a training and certification program that teaches bartenders how to serve alcohol responsibly.

The certification is designed to teach bartenders about the risks associated with serving alcohol and how to prevent these risks. Regulations vary from state to state, so not all Servsafe Alcohol certifications are accepted everywhere.

What is 360 Training Learn2Serve Alcohol Seller Server Course?

The 360 Training Learn2serve program is a certification course that teaches students how to work in the food and beverage industry.

Customer service skills are taught through real-world business situations, as well as food safety concepts, bartending and hosting techniques, and basic restaurant management subjects.

ServSafe License and Learn2Serve Certificate: Will it be accepted everywhere?

Learn2Serve and ServSafe are the most popular training organizations for employers such as restaurants and bars. Both SafeServ and Learn2Serve are well-rated programs that have state-approved training. They’re also two of only six organizations in the industry that have been accredited by the American National Standards Institute’s Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP).

Learn2Serve also offers tobacco and cannabis regulatory courses, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses like convenience stores, liquor shops, and dispensaries.

Both Learn2Serve and ServSafe have received approval from a variety of regulators across the country. Neither Learn2Serve nor ServSafe is accepted in every region. Both may be accredited at the same time, or just one may be given approval.

Finding out who is acceptable where you work is the most crucial step in selecting a company, but training requirements differ by state, county, or even city. It’s easy to get lost.

Both brands may be excellent choices if they’re accepted where you work.

ServSafe License: ServSafe Certification Online or Classroom?

You must successfully complete the exam to obtain your license. You can do this through one of two options:

1. Take the course with an instructor in person, then submit your completion certificate to retake the exam.

2. Take the course online and receive a proctored exam. After passing the exam, you will receive your certification and

be able to use it in the jurisdiction of your choice.

How do I receive my Learn2Serve Certificate?

To get your Learn2Serve certificate, you must complete the course and pass the online exam. After passing the exam, you can simply print your certificate of completion. You can also access the certificate from your dashboard in the “My Courses” section of your account.

Many states, such as Texas, have a requirement for state-mandated filling. Learn2Serve will submit your course completion to the state to demonstrate that you are TABC Certified once you’ve completed our TABC Certification program!

Which should I choose? Learn2Serve or ServSafe Alcohol Certification

The most effective alcohol seller server training is the one that aligns with your region’s liquor laws. If your employer or state prefers a certain certificate provider, you should use them.

But if you’re the decision-maker, you can consider how you want your training delivered and what else you might need. Choose ServSafe if:

  • It’s critical to you whether your lessons are conducted in person or in a hybrid model providing both an online and classroom experience.
  • You’re seeking for or in need of a training program that has been certified by the National Restaurant Association.

You should opt for Learn2Serve training if:

  • You want to obtain your certifications (including CFPM) entirely online.
  • You’re not in the restaurant business, however, food safety or alcohol seller training is still necessary for your business.
  • You’ll need solutions that are suitable for large businesses.

If you’re hiring people on a regular basis, contact us to learn more about volume discounts on prepaid licenses. To train a new member of staff, simply provide them with a prepaid license code to finish our alcohol seller server training!

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