Learn2Serve Wisconsin Bartender License Online

To obtain your Learn2Serve Wisconsin bartender license, you will need to complete the responsible beverage server training. The course is designed to educate sellers and servers to understand and identify the rules and regulations in selling and consuming alcoholic beverages responsibly.

In addition to obtaining a certification from Learn2Serve, you will learn how to properly serve beverages and learn about state regulations for selling or serving alcoholic beverages.

This course is designed to teach bartenders and servers the right way to properly serve alcohol and identify customers who may already be intoxicated.

The Learn2Serve alcohol server training course is a basic training class needed in order to obtain a bartending license online. In Wisconsin, Learn2Serve is certified to offer this course and class needed for the responsible beverage server training. Once you have completed Learn2Serve’s bartender course, you will learn how to properly serve alcoholic beverages responsibly in accordance with state laws.

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Learn2Serve Wisconsin Course – Why Is It Important?

The point of the Learn2Serve Wisconsin bartender class is to teach anybody involved in selling alcoholic beverages about Wisconsin alcohol laws. The Learn2Serve Wisconsin bartender’s course teaches participants what they need to know about how to sell and serve alcoholic beverages responsibly.

The Learn2Serve Wisconsin bartender class is an online course that can be completed at your own pace and schedule. Anybody who needs to get their Wisconsin bartender license must complete the Learn2Serve Wisconsin course to become certified.

The Learn2Serve Wisconsin bartender license course provides a certificate that proves the bartender training was completed. This Learn2Serve Wisconsin bartending course provides detailed information about Wisconsin alcohol laws, which will allow participants to learn more about bartender license requirements and how they relate to selling alcoholic beverages.

A Wisconsin bartender license is required in most Wisconsin cities and municipalities.

Enroll Now - $14.95 Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training

How to Obtain a Wisconsin Bartender’s License?

Once you’ve completed the program, print your certificate and bring it to your local municipality so they can issue you a bartending license.

The following requirements must be met in order to acquire your Wisconsin Bartender license:

  1. Be of at least 18 years of age
  2. You must not have any criminal record

Wisconsin Bartender License Requirements

As of 2019 Wisconsin Department of Revenue requires all students in the Alcohol Seller/Server course must read the study guides and pass the TOBACCO CHECK-TEST before a certificate of completion can be validated.

This Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training satisfies the Wisconsin state bartender training requirements. It is a self-paced course with the final exam that tests for basic responsible alcohol service. Upon passing the exam, you will receive your course completion certificate.

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Enroll Now - $14.95 Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training

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