Food Protection Manager Certification

Food Protection Manager Certification (ANSI)

The Food Protection Manager Certification is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). This certification provides the most recent food safety and sanitation training. Managers will acquire knowledge to maintain its business standing, refine employee capabilities and help protect consumer’s health. Managers will enhance their skills to apply significant food safety practices and provide a “food safety” way of life.

Is this course right for me?

Managers accountable for administering food and beverage professionals are suitable candidates for the Food Protection Manager Certification. Those businesses employing skilled and certified staff to manage and regulate food safety and sanitation are less at risk of incidents and illnesses e.g. due to contaminated food. This certification is intended to examine and evaluate foodservice employees on their capabilities related to the prevention of foodborne illnesses. It is suitable for Chefs, Managers, Supervisors and Instructors who are responsible for making sure of the food safety available to the public.

The Food Protection Manager Certification covers fundamental food safety principles such as food handling, food storage, food preparation, food temperature, pest control, and more. This certification will establish a very strong foundation to help enhance your professional development in the food industry.

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