Food Protection Manager Certification

Food Protection Manager Certification (ANSI)

ANSI Food Protection Manager Certification is a food safety training program based on the ANSI Standard for Managers. It’s designed to provide managers with knowledge on how they can prevent illnesses from occurring in their designated areas, and also helps businesses maintain healthy workplaces by ensuring everyone works together as one team!

The ANSI Food Protection Manager certification is a program that requires managers of food establishments to have at least eight hours of professional training. This certification ensures all members of your team are adequately trained so they can provide safe and healthy food for customers, which will lead to more positive customer experiences!

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Food Safety Professions Requiring Certification

To make sure that food is safe for consumption, it’s important to have an experienced and reputable manager. Many different professionals are needed in the industry – from chefs who prepare ingredients at restaurants or grocery stores to produce managers of fruits and vegetables sold outside your own store window!

These people need this certification so they can oversee all aspects relating to their jobs with regards to maintaining cleanliness standards as well as preventing cross-contamination between items handled by unrelated workers within these respective businesses.

Food Protection Course Fundamentals

Taking a food protection course not only covers the fundamentals of what you need for your job but also teaches important industry safety skills that will lessen an incident or illness related to poisoning. Topics include:

1) Introduction to Food Safety
2) Biohazards, Foodborne Disease, and Food Spoilage
3) Contaminants
4) Foods and Temperature Control
5) Employee Health, Hygiene, and Training
6) Purchasing, Receiving and Storing Food
7) Cleaning and Sanitizing
8) Pest Control
9) Facility Design
10) HACCP System Basics
11) Applying HACCP Principles to a HACCP Plan
12) Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

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Food Safety Manager Certification for Professional Development

To succeed in today’s competitive food and beverage industry, it is necessary to have the right skills. With our Food Safety Manager Certification, we help professionals gain valuable industry practices that they continue to develop throughout their careers! For those who aspire to higher levels within management or as supervisors, gaining these certifications may lead them down paths towards future promotions.

Certified Food Managers Employee Training

For supervisors and managers who complete certification in this area, one of the biggest benefits is being able to properly train their employees. By teaching others what they need for food preparation safety from handling foods right down on a molecular level, to knowing how temperatures impact quality. It’s not hard at all to see why businesses may find themselves having few, if any, incidents which could result in serious problems.

A business with an excellent reputation for serving great food will see its customer base substantially increase, making it well worth the investment to obtain proper certification.

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Promoting a Food Safety Culture

Employing a team of food safety specialists can help businesses maintain the appropriate levels at which they should operate. When employees are properly trained and certified, it not only ensures that all foods produced or handled in-house meet specific standards for safety but also enables teams to identify any potential hazards before problems arise.

Paying close attention to every level could be what makes the business thrive. By employing people who know how things need to be done right away, there’s no time lost due diligence!

Food Safety Industry Compliance and Liability

Food safety is a top priority for many businesses. To ensure that their employees are trained in maintaining kitchen equipment and food preparation techniques, managers should make sure they have the proper certification to do so before hiring someone new!

A person who is certified in food safety management can help keep the business safe even if an injury or illness occurs. By having one on duty during normal operating hours, there are fewer chances of mistakes being made that lead to problems with foods and other related issues.

In fact, many states now require at least one person certified in this area to be on duty during the normal operating hours of business. Along with maintaining a safe work environment and protecting them from possible liability, it also greatly reduces chances for mistakes happening which could lead to serious problems.

How Long Does the Food Protection Manager Certification Lasts?

You’ll be glad to know that once you successfully complete the certification course in food safety and protection, your certificate is valid for five years.

Convenient Food Protection Course Completion Options

The days of having to sit through a classroom for hours on end are long gone. Online food safety certifications have made it easier than ever before so that businesses can now get their hands on this important training in an instant!

Food managers are always in high demand. The food manager certification test can be taken at home or while working, and it will make your chances of success higher thanks to this practice exam!

The new food manager certification practice test gives you an opportunity for self-assessment on areas that may give difficulty or importance during a specific type of job–in other words: great preparation before taking the real thing!

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American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accreditation

The course does not only contain the most important aspects of food safety and protection but is also ANSI accredited. This American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certified program is one-of-a-kind! It ensures that our students are always up to date with the knowledge on how best to maintain a clean safe kitchen without jeopardizing quality control in any way,  shape, or form whatsoever!

Since completing an ANSI-accredited course in this area is required by the majority of states across North America, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your education meets national standards for accreditation.

Building a Reputable Brand with ANSI Certified Staff

The food safety certification can help your company establish an excellent track record in areas important to reputation, as well as give your customers peace of mind. And employees with this kind of certificate are more likely than non-certified staff members (especially chefs) who work there to speak candidly when addressing their concerns about quality or cleanliness during meal service.

By taking a proactive approach to health and safety at work, you will be able to help ensure that both yourself as well customers are protected from potential risks associated with poor hygiene practices. This includes protection against cross-contamination when handling raw meats or other foods which can lead to E Coli infections if handled incorrectly while preparing them – ensuring no one gets sicker than necessary!

When you have employees that are certified in food safety, protection, and quality control it shows your commitment towards building a business’ brand. You’ve already established yourself as having an excellent track record when it comes to providing good products without risking anything because they’re aware of what should happen if something goes wrong now!


How do I become a Certified Food Protection Manager?

To become certified as a Food Protection Manager, you will need to successfully complete a Food Protection Manager exam specific to your state. Since laws can sometimes vary between states, it is crucial you take an exam that is not only properly accredited by ANSI but is also customized for your state. To get started, you will visit, select your state, and follow instructions for registration and enrollment. For the best results, it is also a good idea to take the practice exam.

How do I renew my ANSI Food Protection Manager certification?

To renew your certification in this area, you will need to do so every five years. Just as you did to initially gain your certification, you will be required to register for and enroll for the certification exam. To do so, visit for details.

Where can I take the Food Safety certification in Illinois?

If you need to take this certification in Illinois, you have a variety of choices. To learn more about all available options, visit While most people choose to take the test online, others may need to do so in a traditional setting using paper and pencil. Regardless of the method you use to take the certification exam, you will need to visit, select Illinois as your state, and follow the provided instructions regarding registration and enrollment.

What is a Manager Food Handler certification?

A Manager Food Handler certification is aimed primarily at those foodservice professionals who work in restaurants or other establishments where food handling or serving takes place. Examples of employees needing this certification include managers in restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other related establishments.

Should I take the Food Manager certification practice exam for Florida?

To give yourself the best chance of passing the certification test on your first try, it is always recommended you take the practice exam prior to taking the certification exam itself. By doing so, you can make sure you have a thorough understanding of all aspects of food safety and protection.

How long does it take to complete Food Manager certification for California?

Since the exam contains 80 questions, completion times can vary from person to person. However, depending on your knowledge of the subject, most people are able to complete the exam in less than one hour.

How long is the Food Safety Management certificate course?

The course exam consists of 80 questions.

Where can I take the Food Manager certification in Minnesota?

Upon deciding to take the Food Manager certification in Minnesota, you can simply log on to to get started. Once you have done so, it will only be a matter of choosing Minnesota in the “Select State” section, registering for the course, and then get started on your certification exam. However, should you need to take a pencil and paper exam, a nationwide network of test proctors is available. More details can be found at

Where can I take the Food Safety certification in California?

If you live in California and wish to become certified in Food Safety, you can do so online by following a few easy steps. To begin with, visit the website Once there, go to the “Select State” section and choose California. Upon doing so, you will be directed as to how you can register for and enroll in the Food Safety certification course pertaining to California. If for any reason you need to take the exam by traditional pencil and paper, proctors can be found by visiting

Where can I take the Food Safety exam in Idaho?

To take the exam in Idaho, visit, choose Idaho as your state, and register for the exam. If it is necessary for you to take the exam in person using paper and pencil, this can be arranged through a network of proctors nationwide. To find one in your area, visit

Do I need to take the Food Manager Certification practice test?

While it is not required you take the practice test prior to taking the actual exam, it is highly recommended you do so. By taking the practice test, you can become familiar with the material on the exam, the format of the exam, and review any areas that are proving difficult to remember or you consider to be vital to your specific occupation.

Where can I take the Food Safety Certification in Florida?

If you live in Florida and want to obtain this certification, visit, select Florida as your state, and you can then register for enrollment in the certification class.

How long is the Food Protection Manager Certification valid?

Once you receive certification in this area, it will be valid for five years.

Do I need to renew my Food Safety Manager Certification?

Yes, your certification will need to be renewed every five years. To do so, it is recommended that prior to taking a renewal exam, you first take a food manager certification practice test to familiarize yourself with the material contained on the actual exam. Once you are ready, complete and pass the Food Safety Manager exam online to renew your certification.

How do I obtain the Food Manager Certification?

To obtain this certification, simply choose a DSHS-approved certification exam from a site such as, complete the course, pass the exam, and then receive certification that will be valid for five years.

What is the difference between food handler training and food protection course?

When completing training for a food handler certificate or food protection course, there are many differences. However, the major difference between the two is that food handler training is required of a person working in a restaurant or in a food selling or service business where they will be handling food, while the course in food protection is required of mid-level or higher management personnel in such food industry positions as a restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store managers.

What is covered in the Food Safety Certification Course?

When taking this course, a variety of topics related to the food and beverage industry are covered. Some of the most important include food preparation methods, food temperature guidelines, food handling, food storage methods, sanitation techniques and rules, pest control, and much more.