Colorado TIPS Certification

Colorado TIPS Certification Training Program

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
TIPS On-Premise Alcohol Server Training 3 $38.00 Enroll
TIPS Off-Premise Alcohol Seller Training 3 $38.00 Enroll
TIPS Off-Premise & Alcohol Delivery Training 3 $38.00 Enroll
TIPS Concessions Alcohol Training 3 $38.00 Enroll
TIPS Gaming Alcohol Training 3 $38.00 Enroll
TIPS Replacement Card $20.00 Enroll
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The Colorado TIPS certification program is an excellent, nationally recognized training curriculum that can be taken online. Bartenders that are interested in becoming TIPS certified can complete their certification training by taking the online course and then sitting for an exam. The Colorado TIPS Certification has become a popular choice among Colorado bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs, casinos, and other venues because of its convenience and impressive results.

Colorado TIPS certified bartenders tend to serve their alcoholic beverages more safely and responsibly than bartenders who are not certified. The Colorado TIPS certification course is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through

Learn2Serve Food Handler & Food Safety Manager Certification

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Learn2Serve Food Handler Training Course (ANAB Accredited) 2 $9.99 Enroll
Curso de Capacitación para Personas que Manipulan Alimentos (Acreditado por ANAB) 2 $9.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles Training + Food Manager Exam 10 $121.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam with Online Proctor 1.5 $69.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles 8 $65.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles (Spanish) 8 $65.00 Enroll
Food Safety HACCP for Retail Food Establishments (16 Hour) 16 $125.00 Enroll

Learn2Serve Tobacco Seller

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Tobacco Seller 2 $9.95 Enroll
ID CheckPoint 1 FREE Enroll

Colorado Bartending License

Colorado bartender license certification has become a standard qualification for bartenders who want to increase their employment opportunities and boost their earning potential by learning the latest techniques on how to serve alcoholic beverages responsibly. Colorado bartender license certification is recognized in bars, nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants. Bartenders that are looking for Colorado bartending license can complete their certification training by taking the online course offered through our easy-to-use learning platform.

TIPS Certification Denver

The TIPS Certification program trains servers on how to responsibly serve alcoholic drinks to customers in Denver. Colorado TIPS training is conducted online through and bartenders that sit for their test after completing the course will earn a nationally recognized certification credential.

The Colorado TIPS Certification program has become an industry-standard qualification among venues in Colorado because of its convenience, effectiveness at reducing incidents involving over-consumption and alcohol poisoning, and impressive results. Bartenders who are certified through the Colorado TIPS Program serve their alcoholic beverages more safely than bartenders who aren’t.

Do I have to go to a bartending school?

You might be wondering how to get your bartending certification. Colorado is home to some of the top bars in America, so you want your bartender license to be valid and current. Whether you are looking for a bartending school in Denver or Colorado Springs, offers online classes for students who need their TIPS certification.

Colorado bartending certification classes are offered online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime! Colorado bartender license training is available for both on-premise and off-premise services. Although Colorado does not require that you complete alcohol training, if your employer is attempting to become a Responsible Vendor, you may be required to do so. In addition, classroom training is required for licensees or employees who conduct in-store tastings or for special events.

What are the requirements for Colorado TIPS Certification training?

The state of Colorado has a voluntary Responsible Vendor Program and a legal requirement for liquor store tastings.

Any licensee who has served a juvenile in accordance with an established sting operation by the state or local licensing authority may be eligible for mitigation under this program. A classroom-based seller/server training program must be completed by retail liquor stores and licensed drug stores that want to conduct tastings.

Licensees or employees that conduct in-store tastings or for special events are required to take classroom training. All employees, managers, and owners (if applicable) must complete the course within 90 days of employment.

Please refer to the Colorado Seller Server Training standards (Colorado Code of Regulations 1 C.C.R 203-2: Regulation 47-605. Responsible Alcohol Beverage Vendor and Permitted Tastings by Retail Liquor Stores and Liquor Licensed Drug Stores) for more information.