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Why Choose BeverageTraining.com?


In the food service industry, ongoing training stands as a pivotal factor. It not only keeps employees at all levels updated on the latest industry techniques and requirements but is also a mandatory requirement for many positions within the sector.

At BeverageTraining.com, we not only recognize the significance of acquiring various forms of training but also emphasize the need for a convenient and seamless training experience. Given that the right training can significantly impact an employee’s career and the success of the business they are associated with, choosing the ideal training provider is crucial for today’s foodservice professionals.

BeverageTraining.com is the preferred choice for a growing number of businesses, whether it’s for training servers in alcohol-serving establishments, food handlers, or management personnel. What sets us apart is our unique affiliate partnership with industry-leading organizations such as TIPS, Learn2Serve, and 360Training.

As your one-stop shop for alcohol seller server certification, food handler training, food safety manager certification and exam preps, we’ve joined forces with these esteemed partners to offer a comprehensive suite of training solutions. Our affiliation ensures that you receive top-tier training materials, resources, and support. BeverageTraining.com is committed to delivering the highest standards in education to benefit your career and your business.

BeverageTraining.com has earned its reputation as the preferred training platform for foodservice businesses nationwide, thanks to its user-friendly multimedia approach that offers interactive learning experiences. Our course content and tutorials are designed to streamline the training process, catering to a wide range of establishments, including restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, bars, nightclubs, hotels, event management organizations, gaming locations, and more.

Providing certified training that complies with the requirements of all states across the nation, BeverageTraining.com paves the way for your future success and continuous advancement in the food & beverage and hospitality industries.