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For those in the food and beverage industry, it is important to have training in food preparation and regulations. One of the most important involves certification as a Food Protection Manager. This certification, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), focuses on various aspects of food safety, sanitation, and many other areas. For many careers in the food and beverage industry, this food safety certification is not only a requirement but is a necessity for career advancement. To learn more about this food protection course, what it encompasses, and how it plays a role in many F&B careers, here are some important details to keep in mind.

Why be a Certified Food Protection Manager?

In many states, various food establishments are required by law to have at least one person on staff who is a Certified Food Protection Manager. This can include not only traditional restaurants, but also other businesses that prepare and serve food, such as delicatessens and even convenience stores.

What Topics are Covered in this Food Protection Course?

When taking a food protection course, it will cover a number of topics related to the food and beverage industry. Some of the most pertinent areas include not only food preparation, but also food handling, food storage, food temperature, proper sanitation procedures, pest control requirements and methods, and much more.

What Jobs in the F&B Industry Should have this Certification?

Since it is crucial any business that prepares and serves food to customers know the proper rules and regulations associated with this area, many different jobs within the industry require certification in this area. These include chefs, restaurant managers, supervisory personnel in a restaurant or related business, produce managers, and instructors in culinary schools. In addition, gaining food safety certification is also important for those wanting to advance their careers in the F&B industry. Because of this, it is often recommended that servers, food handlers, and others who plan to make a career of this industry become certified as soon as possible.

How Do I Get Certified?

To become an ANSI-certified Food Protection Manager, you can take an online certification course. Available 24/7, it allows for study at your own pace, and also offers a food manager certification practice test that is highly recommended to help with passing the certification test itself. By taking the practice test, you can become accustomed to the areas of study in which you should concentrate, the types of questions that will be on the actual test, and how long it will probably take you to complete the test. In addition, it will also give you much-needed peace of mind, since you will approach the certification test knowing you are already well-prepared for success.

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Does Certification Need to be Renewed?

Yes. Once you pass the certification exam and are designated as a Certified Food Protection Manager, your certification is valid for five years. Thus, as your certification is about to expire, you should make arrangements to take an updated food protection course that will once again let you gain ANSI-accredited certification as a Food Protection Manager.

Why is this Food Protection Course Important?

Along with the obvious reasons regarding keeping food safe for employees and customers, there are also many other reasons why this certification course is important. For example, by having this industry-recognized certification, you or other employees will be eligible for many different paths of career advancement. Along with this, a food establishment that is known for having well-trained and professionally-certified personnel is able to build a brand for itself, often outpacing competitors. Yet perhaps most importantly, by first taking the food manager certification practice test and then the actual certification test, it helps an establishment maintain industry compliance and prevent possible liabilities should the food safety of a business come into question.

Establishing a Safety Culture

Once a manager, chef, or other individual is certified in this area, it is the beginning of helping to establish a culture of safety at a restaurant or other related business. By being certified as a Food Protection Manager, a “food safety” way of life begins and usually continues for many years. As a result, a business not only establishes itself as a place to get a great meal, but also where few if any problems are ever encountered in areas of food safety, handling, or preparation.
By choosing to enroll in an ANSI Food Protection Manager Certification course as soon as possible, you are taking the next step in your Food and Beverage career. Whether you are an established chef in a gourmet restaurant, a manager in a convenience store or grocery store, or perhaps a server with plans to advance your career, taking the food manager certification practice test and then passing the real thing will help you reap many benefits.

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