Florida Food Safety Certification

Restaurants are a massive driving force in Florida’s economy. Employers hold value for those that have obtained a Florida Food Safety Certification. Statistics in 2018 gathered by the National Restaurant Association show that there were over 41,000 food and drinking establishments within Florida. In total, they were able to generate roughly $50.1 billion in revenue and provide over 1 million jobs to residents.

Florida’s representatives in Capitol Hill understand the importance of their food industry and have provided strict guidelines as to how they should be properly managed. As defined in Section 381.0072 of the 2019 Florida Statutes, all food establishments are required to meet food manager certification requirements. Not only that, but all employees (servers, cooks, bartenders, etc.) must take a food safety certification training and obtain a Florida Food Handlers Card that is approved by the state.

If you are unaware of what these terms and certifications are, allow us to clarify.

Knowing the Rules and Regulations

According to FloridaHealth.gov, “A food manager is the individual responsible for the food establishment and/or has direct authority, control or supervision over employees who engage in the storage, preparation, display, or service of foods.” They are not required to be the managers of the facility but often are. Food managers are required to pass a written certification test approved by the state and there must always be at least one certified food manager in any establishment selling food and beverages.

Employees are not required to pass the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam but are required to pass a food protection course to obtain a Florida Food Handlers Card. The purpose of obtaining this food safety certification in Florida is to verify that the individual serving food or preparing food knows regulations, food safety issues, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. The Florida Food Handlers Card will only last one year before it must be re-certified.

Don’t Get Caught Without your Food Handlers License in Florida

Our Florida Food Handlers License course is self-paced, interactive, and available completely online. You can take the entire food handler course from start to finish from the comfort of your own home. A Florida Food Handlers License Certification will be available for you to print immediately upon completion of your food safety course.

When it comes to food safety training in Florida or throughout the United States, we at BeverageTraining.com have gone out of our way to make a unique interactive multimedia platform that keeps users engaged while learning and is available 24/7 from any location and any device.

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Florida Food Safety Certification

If you are working in a restaurant now and are trying to move up the ladder, enrolling in a food protection course is a great way to make you stand out among other leading candidates. Understanding the rules and regulations of what the state wants from the food and beverage industries allows you to come off as professional, knowledgeable, and prepared to take on a leading role in the company you work for.

Our Food Protection Manager Certification course is approved by ANSI-CFP Nationally Accredited Certification Exam is recognized in all states. A temporary certificate is available to print at the end of your course. The official certificate is mailed within 10 days.

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