TIPS Certification Massachusetts provides the fastest and most user-friendly solution for you to take your alcohol seller-server course. We recognize that time is an important factor in concern. You can take our web based training anywhere, any time!

Massachusetts TIPS Certification Training Program

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
TIPS On-Premise Alcohol Server Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Off-Premise Alcohol Seller Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Off-Premise & Alcohol Delivery Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Concessions Alcohol Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Gaming Alcohol Training 3 $34.99 Enroll
TIPS Replacement Card $20.00 Enroll

Originally introduced in 1982, TIPS On-Premise was created by specialists in the fields of alcohol abuse, adult education, hospitality, as well as psychology as a device to show waiters as well as bartenders to avoid alcoholic abuse amongst patrons. This radical approach to teach waiters as well as bartenders common methods for the service of alcohol and also exactly how to seek signs of intoxication became the industry criterion. Soon, TIPS fulfilled market requests for programs tailored to various settings with certain scenes and also methods for those markets. Today, TIPS provides courses specific to On-Premise, Off-Premise, Delivery, Gaming, Concessions, and also University.

Whether required by regulation in your state or not, alcohol server and also seller training helps you determine and also protect against alcoholic beverages from entering the hands of minors or intoxicated individuals. TIPS is depended supply training that goes deeper right into circumstances than just covering regulations or BAC. TIPS creates your “people abilities” for handling specific scenarios as well as keep a risk-free setting.

Benefits of Obtaining TIPS Certification

Not only will you master abilities for handling circumstances, you’ll progress at your work and in turn be a much more attractive prospect. Plus, Massachusetts TIPS Certification offers you protections:

  • The insurance marketplace rebates alcohol liability costs up to 25% for TIPS-certified individuals.
  • Court of laws acknowledge TIPS as the benchmark for server training programs.
  • Alcohol boards mitigate fines and also charges for violators who include TIPS program at their establishments.
  • And also hotels, restaurants, and also bars across the USA realize the benefits of more professional wait crew and also even more pleased customers.

What is TIPS training?

TIPS is much more than any kind of typical alcohol safety training offered. It’s a winning training experience. TIPS web based training programs have an excellent top quality of content, easy-to-understand lessons, and also friendly supporting quizzes at the end of lesson. TIPS is developed to equip individuals to employ their people skill sets to positively alter their guests’ consuming alcohol activity and also to encourage hospitality processionals feel great to intervene in cases that may be unpleasant or a safety hazard. Every one of this to help to make training and bearing in mind expertise regarding safely selling and serving alcohol as relatable as possible.

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission regulates the selling, serving, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Training is not compulsory and serves as a standard for best practices. An individual needs to be of 18 years of age to sell and serve alcoholic beverages.

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