Pennsylvania RAMP Certification

Pennsylvania RAMP TIPS Certification Training Program

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
TIPS Pennsylvania RAMP Seller/Server Training + ANSI Food Handler 5 $38.00 Enroll
TIPS Pennsylvania RAMP Server/Seller Training 3 $29.00 Enroll
TIPS Replacement Card $20.00 Enroll

Learn2Serve Food Handler & Food Safety Manager Certification

Course Name Hours Price Checkout
Learn2Serve Food Handler Training Course (ANSI Accredited) 2 $9.99 Enroll
Curso de Capacitación para Personas que Manipulan Alimentos (Acreditado por ANSI) 2 $9.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles Training + Food Manager Exam 10 $121.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam with Online Proctor 1.5 $69.99 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles 8 $65.00 Enroll
Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles (Spanish) 8 $65.00 Enroll
Food Safety HACCP for Retail Food Establishments (16 Hour) 16 $125.00 Enroll

TIPS RAMP Certification Course

The TIPS RAMP Certification Course is a training program designed to educate individuals working in the hospitality industry on responsible alcohol service and management practices. The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent alcohol-related issues, promote a safe environment, and ensure legal compliance.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board regulates the selling, serving, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The on-premises training is for employees selling and serving alcoholic beverages in Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Breweries, and Events. The off-premises course is suitable for individuals employed at Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, and Liquor Shops.

Course Description: 

For establishments in Pennsylvania that serve alcohol, possessing certification in RAMP is state law. Due to regulations surrounding the selling and serving of alcohol, it is vital establishments and select employees complete RAMP training. However, since we all have different schedules and obligations outside of our jobs, finding a suitable RAMP training that is convenient, affordable, and up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements can be tricky. The online TIPS RAMP Certification course offered through makes it easy for you to complete your training at your convenience and ease.

The PLCB RAMP course is designed to educate sellers and servers to understand and identify the rules and regulations in selling and consuming alcoholic beverages responsibly in the state of Pennsylvania. The objective of this training is to promote legal and preventive measures for alcohol seller and servers in order to eliminate possible liabilities, ensure the safety of customers and the public, promote the legal and responsible sale of alcohol and consumption, prevent underage drinking and recognize the signs of an intoxicated customer.

The TIPS RAMP Certification Course covers various topics, including:

  1. Alcohol laws and regulations: Participants learn about the legal requirements and regulations governing the sale and service of alcohol in their jurisdiction. This includes understanding the legal drinking age, hours of service, and responsibilities of alcohol establishments.
  2. Identifying intoxication signs: Participants are trained to recognize the physical and behavioral signs of intoxication. This helps them assess when a customer has had too much to drink and should be refused service.
  3. Intervention techniques: The course provides strategies for intervening in situations where individuals may be at risk due to excessive alcohol consumption. Participants learn how to effectively communicate with customers, diffuse potentially volatile situations, and use responsible alcohol service techniques.
  4. Preventing underage drinking: The course emphasizes the importance of preventing underage individuals from accessing alcohol. Participants learn methods for verifying identification, spotting fake IDs, and handling situations involving minors and alcohol.
  5. Liability and legal considerations: The TIPS RAMP Certification Course educates participants about the potential legal consequences associated with serving alcohol irresponsibly. This includes civil liability, criminal charges, and the potential impact on establishments and individuals.
  6. Best practices for alcohol service: Participants receive guidance on implementing responsible alcohol service practices, such as monitoring alcohol consumption, pacing drink orders, and providing alternative non-alcoholic beverage options.

Upon successful completion of the TIPS RAMP Certification Course, participants receive a certification that demonstrates their commitment to responsible alcohol service and management. This certification can be beneficial for individuals working in the hospitality industry, including bartenders, servers, managers, and other staff members involved in alcohol service.

Who Needs This Course?

The TIPS Certification RAMP training is approved for employees who sell or serve alcoholic beverages and also check IDs. In most cases, this will include such positions as bartenders, waiters and waitresses, bouncers, door persons, and certificate distributor salespersons. To abide by the Pennsylvania State Liquor Code, anyone working in the above-mentioned positions must complete Pennsylvania RAMP training within six months of being hired by a licensee. Due to the urgency of needing this training in their jobs, more and more employees in need of PLCB RAMP turn to online courses here at Beverage Training. As the preferred training site for more and more businesses and their employees, we can be counted on to provide convenient online courses that always contain the latest information on state regulations. In addition, the courses can be accessed 24/7 from any location, are self-paced and can be taken as often as needed until passed.

Owner/Manager Training

For owners and managers who need to complete RAMP training, online courses that meet all state regulatory requirements is a perfect choice. Since this training focuses on those individuals who are responsible for the daily operation of the business and who establish workplace policies, it is crucial they enroll in a course that will focus on such topics as creating procedures for staff and customers, in-house policies, and various regulatory requirements via the state Liquor Code.

Server/Seller Training

Approved for both servers and sellers, this RAMP training course is extremely important and should always be completed as soon as possible. Covering crucial topics including how to check IDs and detect fake ones, identifying signs of intoxication, and how to use customer service techniques to effectively manage patrons, this course offers numerous details used on the job each day. In addition, it is important to note that for a business to gain this certification, more than 50 percent of the licensee’s alcohol server staff must complete this training, and the 50 percent threshold must be maintained at all times. Since this can lead to numerous penalties for a business if not properly maintained, choosing courses that are convenient for all staff members will make this task much easier.


Who Needs to Take the Online RAMP Certification Training?

If you are in a position where you sell or serve alcoholic beverages or check IDs, you will need this training. Common occupations where this training is required include bouncers and door persons, wait staff, bartenders, and distributor salespersons.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the PLCB RAMP Course?

Since the online training course offered here at Beverage Training is self-paced, completion times can vary between individuals. However, since the course requirements can be completed anywhere at anytime, most students are able to complete the course in only a few hours, pass their exams, and become certified in this important area of training.

How Do I Get My RAMP Certification Once I Complete the Online Training?

To obtain certification in RAMP upon completing the online training course, it will be necessary to complete all required components of the certification and then submit the appropriate documentation to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. This is especially important for owners and managers since Pennsylvania RAMP certification cannot be granted until all components are successfully completed.

What is the Pennsylvania RAMP Certification?

Applying to owners/managers as well as servers/sellers, this type of certification is required by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and focuses on many important topics, such as detection of fake IDs and how to notice signs of intoxication. A requirement of many employees within six months of being hired, it is also required that owners/managers keep at least 50 percent of their staff certified in this area at all times.

What’s the Validity of RAMP Certification? How Often Do I Need to Take RAMP Training?

Once this training is completed, it is valid for two years. Upon needing RAMP renewal, you can simply return to Beverage Training to sign up for and complete an updated online course to ensure your RAMP renewal and RAMP certification test meets all necessary requirements.

Since these courses are so important, there is no better time than now to sign up for the courses you need. By doing so, you’ll get the best Pennsylvania RAMP in the industry, all offered in a convenient, affordable, and reliable manner.

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